Sunday, April 13, 2008

Whats in a name?

Voigt behind the lens ...

When I am making photographs I can only see a little piece of what is really going on around me. The three dimensional world we inhabit becomes a little flatter and what is preserved is just a hint of that.

In one sense it is frustrating because their are so many great and wonderful things in the world that just don't translate into the flat picture plane recorded by silver particles on a plastic negative (or 0s and 1s on a disk). Yet in another sense it is an awesome opportunity because those limitations mean that by moving the tiniest fraction in one direction the entire image. Life is like that sometimes.

We can only see a tiny little piece, it is like we are looking through a small window. We can't see the big picture right now. And yet our perspective dramatically impacts how what sort of impression we leave this world with.

Will we see the rottenness and evil that abounds or will we choose to let our perspective shift and see how in spite of it all love still exists and perhaps its very presence proves its triumph?

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