Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Week Of Hours

For Christmas a good friend from my hometown gave me a little keychain camera. At first I was kind of at a loss as to how I should go about making good use of such a thing being that I have several lovely cameras that have much higher capabilities (photo majors do such things). Then I conceived this project which is uniquely suited to a camera that is super tiny, and unlike the camera on my cell phone can be uploaded directly to my computers.

For roughly a week I will take one photo every hour I am awake. It is not my intention that these be informative, or any sort of summary of what that hour of my life consisted of (although to a certain extent that will be inevitable) merely that I photograph something I have seen within those sixty minuets of my life.

I started yesterday, and I can assure the project will not be flawless - the viewfinder is more a guessitmate than anything else and the camera itself is a little finiky (it lacks any way for me to verify that the photos have in fact been taken so I just have to trust its little plastic self) - but here it goes.

(Note: I will be temporarily changing the rss settings so that only a short version is exported - I don't want to overwhelm your reader)

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