Friday, March 6, 2009

Reflections on my Week of Hours

And thus ends my week of hours. After Saturday’s absentmindedness I didn’t touch the little camera again (which is ironic since the desire to use that camera was the impetus for the project) and I also stopped doing photos at work.

Doing this has been an awesome exercise for me. It forces me to be constantly on the look out for things to photograph and it forces me to take such photographs in public place (which is a good thing to have to do if you still struggle with the whole title of being a photographer). It reminded me how beautiful everything can be to those who take the time to look. I really love having my first morning activity being trying to find an image while I blearily stumble through the process of waking up and getting ready.

It has been so awesome that I have decided to keep it up (at least for the month of march but really I hope for it to be longer) with some slight modifications: hours that I am on the clock at work or volunteering do not count as ‘awake’ for the purposes of shooting; I am only going to post 3-5 images of the day.

I am excited to be shooting more and I am curious to know what you think of the project. Please post a comment and/or just tell me in person if you know me in ‘real life’. I am always needing feedback and it is harder to come by now that I am no longer in class so much.

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I love it, and I'm copying it.

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