Sunday, April 5, 2009

Please pardon my monotony

I feel like my life is so mundane that these most be getting boring - and yet that is the challenge. To see, to find, to look for and seek out the beauty in what passes through my the monotony of my life.

It is nothing to take impressive photos of impressive subject matter, with endless budgets and uninterrupted time. As one of my professors was fond of reminding us, the great photographers are the ones who make something great out of nothing, with no money, and no time. That is where genius is required.

Not that I am yet great or genius, but if that is what I want to be (and it sometimes is) then what I must learn is how to take my life (which is most often a blur of working, reading, eating, and being with people who hate to be photographed) and make interesting photos throughout it.

Then if anyone ever gives me awesome subject matter or endless monies - I can seize the opportunity most fully.

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