Friday, February 11, 2011

football timing

When I was in high school and dragging my feet about complying with the requests (or outright demands) my Grandfather would sometimes make I would take a "football minute" to get to it. Everyone knows a minute in football could very well take what feels like hours so I thought it was the perfect solution (although my Grandfather never did buy it)

Well it has been a week of football minutes, and getting sick again (3 consecutive opens is never great - 4a is just not the right time to be waking up) but here at last is a photo and a few links to some of the cool things I read this morning as I was catching up on my interwebbing.

Some thoughts on fearless quilting (which I think are good to ponder an apply to any creative endeavor)

A lovely example of well used scraps with the Hit The Spot quilt

A fun easy scarf to make

A tutorial on hand quilting - which is something I also love

And lastly a button from Mary Lou

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