Friday, May 25, 2012

A month of hours

A few years ago I whimsically decided to take a photo for every hour that I was awake for a week, not only did I enjoy the project and the images I have from it  but I feel like learned and grew a lot. As a result it has become an exercise I return to, and now is the time to return to it again.

I am in a new and vaguely uncomfortable place, as I try to do what I never planned to - turn my degree and passion into something like a career. Thus it seems to be the perfect time to do something that is both comfortable and challenging.

It is comfortable in the ways a sketchbook is, I don't have to worry about external expectations - I just have to be creating, everyday, all day.

It is challenging because all day, every day I have to be thinking about how to frame a moment or object in a way that is at least new to me. I have to open my eyes and see new aspects of the same things I do all the time (in truth my life tends toward monotony). I also have to pull out my camera in places and around people where the little bits of shyness and insecurity I have likes to pop up.

So for the next 30ish days you are free to expect a post of hours. Every day,  accounting for every hour that I am awake (and not at the other job), I will take at least one photo. Then I will share.

Some days will probably be mediocre - I am ok with that. Working through mediocre ideas is often a necessary step before getting to the really good stuff. This is why artists keep sketchbook and do thumbnails in the first place.

I will warn you, I am never good with time so some days may have more than others (even if they are supposedly accounting for the same number of hours) but at the end of the day this is an art project - not a science experiment.

I hope you enjoy coming along with me!

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Lea said...

You're back! Me too (and Sarah Swartz, too). Yay for a blogging revival!!! :)