Wednesday, May 7, 2008

into the salt ...

So this is a piece from my final project. God intervened in a big way and the night before I made some major tweeking in response to some comments made by a good friend and fellow photo major, Cameron. Although the project is still not at its potential it is very definitely a move toward me being out of the funk I was mentioning.

The series was about the interaction of salt and the body but I decided to use the visible absence of the body instead of a person. I have been thinking about salt a lot lately - I have not yet been able to express visually all the contemplations I am having

I won't have much time to revisit this before New York (it is kind of a messy thing to do and I will be a house hopper until June) but when I get back I want to address some of the things mentioned during critique:

Incorporate more elements (like water, oil, strategically placed rock salt, ?) and contrast in light as well as line weight. Mark Hamliton (my professor) commented that it was a good beginning but right now they are nice backgrounds and a little "mushy."

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