Friday, May 23, 2008

possibilities for this week's challenge

This year has been one where I have pondered the nature of death a lot and the good that comes from the undenable pain. In phyiscal; spiritual; and emotional senses. Even just this morning I was contemplating how we often seek to find immortality in the legacy of our family or the "works of our hands" so please pardon the fact that this response is a continuation on that pondering (it sort of naturally happens with a concept of expiration date)

I like the lighting here a lot

Here I enjoy the perspective

I think this may ultimately be what I choose because it expresses what I have most felt about the tension of expiration. We try so hard to pin point a date when something has gone from good to bad, but perhaps it is at those points of badness that we are closest to causing something great (like a whole new field of dandelions - which to me is something glorious) and yet perhaps we inhibit ourselves from this greatness with our refusal to see that the truest life is found in death. I do not mean to be morbid, nor to be someone who is just making it through life until heaven where I am to be free from earthly worries and restraints - rather I mean that for true life to begin first we must die to selfishness then we can experience (even on earth) the truer life we are seeking.

This just feels so emotive - perhaps under the influence of too many pixar movies I see a person in the flower, a very sad, almost desolate person

I enjoy that this one includes but almost by passes the actual date ... this is also high in the running

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Carlee said...

I love them but I want to see them bigger! (this is not something I expect you to worry about for the next 5-6 weeks though)