Tuesday, December 14, 2010

more patterns I want to try

In the interest of keeping track of some of the projects I most want to try I have been keeping this running list for the past monthish (since Nov 2 to be precise). I will probably make this a monthly tradition.

an origami/a-line skirt in triangles and trapezoids

yoga skirt? why do they call it that?

belle dress I want this for me :-D

a doll I have already started a similar doll from a different pattern, but it is useful to consider the variant

notebook covers


lollipop quilt

flower quilt I don't know that I would make this exactly but it is a cute idea to have on the back burner

I must admit - owls are adorable

house placemat a little busy but still cute

picnic bag-sket I love the quirky picnic basket Chris bought at our church yard sale right before we got married - but it is not always the most practical option, so I am loving the idea of this.

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