Saturday, December 25, 2010


Many recipes are treasured and revered in my family, but one of the all time tops is the family spaghetti recipe. It entered our family when a customer at my Great-grandmother Mary Lou's diner. The story is that he was one of her regulars and thought she needed to have an authentic Italian spaghetti recipe, so he gave Mary Lou his own Mother's recipe (shocking the wife who herself had not received it) on the condition that she keep its secret. She told no one but her own daughter who in turn kept the secret until her children were adults when she gave it to them. The recipe stayed tucked away unobtrusively until it made its official debut in the family cookbooks she compiled. Every time I make it I feel close to her, so I wanted to share the experience as my Christmas present to whomever cares to have it. Enjoy the unfolding.

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