Monday, November 29, 2010

quilting progress

As I alluded to a few weeks ago, I have finally started the quilt I am trying to get done before Anne's deployment. It loosely follows an Elizabeth Hartman pattern I discovered very much by accident while skimming International Quilt Festival

The basic idea is that you draw the contour of the trees on freezer paper. Then you trace those contours onto a second piece of freezer paper and divide it into patches, cut the patches, then construct.

I am not following the pattern, but I am borrowing the idea and technique. It is coming along very steadily (largely because I am growing in the area of daily disciplines) and I am very excited . My goal is to be at the quilting phase by January so that I can work on it while I hopefully spend 5 weeks in new staff training.

These are my trees - currently they have taken over a wall in our dining room (thankfully neither my husband nor roommates seem all that bothered by it)

For a variety of reasons I am trying to make the bulk of it out of fabric I already have - especially these old t-shirts. They are so full of memories, and way to worn out to wear - no better resting place than a quilt :-D

But Anne did help me pick out a few new materials including this green.I look forward to sharing more progress along the way - I am so stinking pumped!

Also - love this and its Christmas cousin

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